Starving Artist Tag (Q&A Video)

Starving Artist Tag (Q&A Video)

Starving Artist Tag (Q&A Video)

The Starving Artist Tag is a collab between YouTube artists Lena Danya, Mira Byler, Tina Yu, Happy Dee, and Katherine Ward, wherein they answer a set of 20 questions about their work, and their artistic journey. I first watched this on Lena Danya’s channel, and I wanted to try it out!

Oddly enough I found it therapeutic to answer these questions on camera, and it help me realize things about myself– even though it meant a ton of editing after! 🙈

Anyway enough blabber! Here’s my Starving Artist Tag video!

Starving Artist Tag Questions and Time code

1. What’s your favorite experience as an artist? 00:25
2. What’s your least favorite experience as an artist? 00:45
3. What are your dreams/goals for your art? 01:06
4. What’s your favorite medium and why? 01:46
5. What inspired you to do art/why do you love it? 02:08
6. What’s the favorite piece you ever made and why its special? 02:31
7. Who/what are your biggest art influences? 03:01
8. What did you learn from being a full time artist? 03:39
9. What do your family & friends think about you being an artist? 04:15
10. Was becoming an artist your childhood dream? If not what is? 04:46
11. What advice can you can give to people who want to be more artistic or creative? 05:21
12. Were you supported to pursue art as a child? 05:51
13. Do you make money off your art? 06:08
14. What do you want to improve on/aspire to be with your future art? 06:12
15. What feelings do you try to express in your art? 06:28
16. What is your favorite thing to paint and why? 06:52
17. What’s the strangest thing you’ve painted? 07:01
18. Have you ever been hung up after you started a commission, and how did you handle it? 07:11
19. Do you admit that paint smells good? 07:35
20. What would you tell your younger self? 07:50

If you’re an artist/designer/creative, I tag YOU to do this video! This would be a great way to get to know one another in the YouTube art community (plus, it’s fun!) 😀

And if you do make a video, leave a link in the comment below!

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