What I Can Do For You

Custom Animation & Illustration

If a picture can say a thousand words, then thoughtfully planned, well-designed visuals should be able to say the right things for you.

Whether all you have is a concept, or you’re fully prepared with storyboards, design, and music and all you need is an animator/illustrator, I’d be happy to jump in on any part of the process and help you bring your vision to life.

As a freelance animator and illustrator, I can take on an animation project and provide the whole *shebang* from concepts, to storyboards, to animation, all the way to completion (like what I did for The Christmas Buns). However I can also work off concepts, storyboards, and designs provided by you (as I’m doing right now for some upcoming projects!).

And the same goes for illustration projects! I can work off your story/concept and provide sketches, designs, and a final output that meets your goal.

Animation and illustration are wonderful ways to tell stories and make your project, brand, or content memorable.

Here are just some of the ways you can use them:

  • Shareable social media content that is customized to your brand (such as animated GIFs, illustrated quotes, animated logos, Instagram and Snapchat animation)
  • Shows and films (such as TV stingers, animated music videos, intros, segments for a show/movie, or even animated assets placed over live-action footage)
  • Online videos (such as explainer videos, animated eCards, animated gift cards, customized YouTube intros and outros)
  • Customized stickers for messaging apps that convey your company’s personality
  • Children’s content (such as children’s books, mobile games, educational animation)
  • Live events (such as projections for concert backdrops)
  • Marketing (such as animated commercials, promotional illustrations for a new product, event posters)
  • Lifestyle products (such as stationery, greeting cards, gift cards, home decor, art prints, clothing, merchandise)
(L-R) "Candy On My Mind" custom wall decal for Andies Candies, my animated scene from a screening of "The Goddess Project" film, and a spread from children's book "Counting In The Ocean"

Some Awesome Clients I've Worked With

Why Work With Me?

The power of art, creativity, and a good story are often overlooked, but do you realize just how integral they are to our lives? At the end of the day we turn to books and movies to escape, we watch that silly YouTube video for laughs, and we light up when a piece of art strikes with us.

Stories resonate with people, and one that is amplified with the universal language of art has the power to influence ideas, express emotions, and inspire action.

And that’s what I can do for you. My brand of personable, colorful, and joyful imagery will help make your story or project more memorable to your audience, and appeal to kids and adults alike.


“In the past year of work with Jeca Martinez, she has proven to be not only incredibly talented and creative, but also very professional, making the whole production process a pleasure. From her enthusiastic and positive attitude to her openness in discussing and implementing notes, Jeca’s work ethic and ability to communicate make each project quick, easy, and fun. On top of that, her work is beautiful and charming, a great addition to our content. We are happy to recommend Jeca to any art director or client.”

-Lexi Vay | Hallmark eCards

Father's Day Hallmark eCard by Jeca Martinez

“I really enjoyed working with Jeca. She was fast, responsive, very thorough and conscientious! Her character design and animations brought real life, energy, and personality to the project we were working on. I would absolutely recommend her work.”

-Liz Sparber

“Jeca is extremely professional and detail oriented and it was a joy to work with her on some animations for our film The Goddess Project. She was able to take our ideas and inspiration and create a beautiful piece of art to bring these segments of our film to the next level. She was always on time and the final results of her work were better than we could have ever imagined!”

-Holli Rae & Sara Landas | Directors of The Goddess Project