Art-imation | Animation Collab

Art-imation | Animation Collab

Art-imation | Animation Collab

Sharing this fun animation collab I was part of last year called Art-imation.

Art-imation is an experimental 2d animation project by Erin Humiston. The idea is that Erin animated a single character, then invited artists to draw over each frame of the animation with their own character in their own art style.

A total of 255 artists (including myself) participated in this, and the result is really trippy and awesome! 

This is my drawing for the project…I imagine her to be a sort of diner waitress because of her pose :)) See if you can spot her in the video!

Art-Imation Animation Collab by Erin Humiston

And if you’re curious to see how the original, base character looked like, here’s the teaser video:

Check out all the other individual frames of the project in the Art-imation blog!

And see more of Erin Humiston’s work in his website Red Pencil Entertainment!

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