Animating Casey Neistat

Animating Casey Neistat

Animating Casey Neistat

In case you haven’t heard of Casey Neistat, he is this incredibly hard-working YouTuber who posts a vlog on his channel EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  

It kind of puts my overdue monthly vlogs to shame, doesn’t it? XD 

Casey is actually one of my inspirations behind my A Moment A Day vlog series on my channel! His commitment to his consistently entertaining videos is incredible admirable, and his passion is infectious! 

For this video I’ll be sharing a speed illustration and animation of Casey Neistat, with his signature sunglasses and DSLR-topped GorillaPod, riding his Boosted Board through New York city.

Fun fact: this was an old animation I made when Casey was accepting submissions for his video end card last year, hence the layout of the animation. I don’t know if he ever saw my entry, but I was hoping he’d use it in one of his vlogs before I uploaded this behind-the-scenes video of how I made this animation. He probably got a TON of submissions because, as you may have guessed, he never used mine, and I sort of forgot about this work…until now! 😀

Casey Neistat GIF Animation by Jeca Martinez

I hope you enjoyed the video and the animation! Share, like, and subscribe to my channel for more of my art videos and vlogs! 

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