A New Look for Jecamartinez.com

A New Look for Jecamartinez.com

A New Look for Jecamartinez.com

Hi everyone, I just wanted to officially announce the new look for my site with this post! As you can see in the image above, I would highly recommend you view my site on a laptop/desktop so you can see the hero video (otherwise you will see a static image).

On the outside it may not appear drastically different from my previous site, but on the backend I have moved my blog and portfolio from two separate Blogspot sites to one WordPress site!

Why did I move from Blogspot to WordPress?

Blogspot was great, and if you’re looking for a “basically free” way to have an online portfolio/blog I’d highly recommend this option. But being the semi-control freak/perfectionist that I am I found myself spending countless hours editing my site’s codes to get the look that I want (not fun for me! Don’t make me do codes). Even doing something as simple as adding a featured image or thumbnail for each post meant I had to add in some very specific codes at the beginning of the post.

All that time spent tweaking codes was time I’d rather spend animating/drawing/blogging about animating and drawing.

After 5 years on Blogspot I felt that it was about time for a change. I’ve had my eye on this site theme for the longest time and even if I am not yet directly earning from my site (something I hope to do) I decided to take the risk and invest on a web host and theme…and if things don’t work out then I can always go back to Blogspot!

Anyway, I do hope you like my site’s new look! I’ll be writing some new content as well, so if there’s anything else you’d like to see on this blog (tutorials, tips, etc) let me know in the comments below. And if you’d like to receive updates of new posts then you can sign up in the form on the right.

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