A Moment A Day | February 2016

A Moment A Day | February 2016

A Moment A Day | February 2016

“Jeca, February was like 5 months ago. Why are you only posting this now?”

I know, I know…I’m not the best at time management and this vlog is BEYOND overdue. But better late than never, right?


Ahh well, the important thing is I did find the time to edit this A Moment A Day vlog, and I’m still keeping my commitment of filming a moment each day (almost).

A Moment A Day February 2016 Vlog by Jeca Martinez | www.jecamartinez.com

February was FILLED with amazing memories…it was my cousin’s wedding so my tito and tita (uncle and aunt) from the US flew in, as well as my Japanese cousins who we have not seen in YEARS. And by some miracle, my tita in Japan received her lost passport the day before my cousins’ flight, so she was able to book a seat last minute and join the celebration! (See 00:40 of the video!)

We had what felt like days of family reunions with the bridal shower, a musical upside down wedding (reception first, then the ceremony as the finale), and a surprise birthday celebration for my Japanese cousin. 

And then there was also the day I found out that I won an animation contest (02:08)!!!! I’m so glad I filmed my family’s priceless reactions! (I wish I could also insert the reactions of my other relatives but the vlog would’ve been too long!)

Editing the February vlog was like a trip down memory lane, and it reminded me of why I started this year-long project…to appreciate the little moments and remember that LIFE IS GOOD!

(“A Moment A Day” is my monthly vlog series for 2016 wherein I film a video everyday (almost), and compile them for each month. I thought it would be a fun experiment to try for the year, and a great way to look back on my growth and memories! Click here to view the playlist!)

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  • danica August 2, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    kinda inspired me to do a contest ulit. missed that feeling you won something. congrats jeca belated!

    • Jeca Martinez Author September 20, 2016 at 3:14 am

      Thanks Danice! And go for it!!! Super saya, and whatever happens at least it’s an added portfolio piece XD

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