A Moment A Day | December 2016

A Moment A Day | December 2016

A Moment A Day | December 2016

In which there were numerous family get togethers 🎄, my dad finally meets his first grandchild  💖, and the year ends 🎉

(“A Moment A Day” is my monthly vlog series for 2016 wherein I film a video everyday (almost), and compile them for each month. I thought it would be a fun experiment to try for the year, and a great way to look back on my growth and memories! Click here to view the playlist!)

A Moment A Day December 2016 Monthly Vlog Jeca Martinez

And that’s it for my “A Moment A Day” vlog series for 2016!

Although I won’t be continuing this series for 2017 so I can focus on other projects, I hope you had as much fun watching snippets of my 2016 as much as I enjoyed making these videos.

Watch the “A Moment A Day” video playlist here!

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