2014 Highlights and Realizations

2014 Highlights and Realizations

2014 Highlights and Realizations

I wasn’t sure how to write my year-ender post for 2014, and quite frankly I wasn’t even planning to. Yet here I am 5 hours away from midnight squeezing in this blog post because I feel like this year was a semi-transitional time worth writing about.

2014 Paintings Jeca Martinez
2014 traditional paintings: Snuggle, Wild Flowers, Bird, and Galloping
2014 was the great year where a handful of milestones and incredible opportunities happened. I got my first office job, made a bunch of new friends at work, had one of my dreams come true when I worked with Hallmark eCards (which is still one of my favorite stories of the year!), met some great artists, and won two awards for Cupid’s Serenade–one of which got me a free Environment Sketching for Production course at CGMA, while the other one was on my bucket list since five years ago!
2014 Digital Paintings Jeca Martinez

2014 digital illustrations: Aphrodite, Pinel Island, I Don’t Give A Hoot, Sunshine, Judging You, and Coin Heist

2014 was also a year of realizations. As much as I wanted to juggle all the things I wanted to do, spending October in and out of the hospital helped me realize that I needed to prioritize myself first, and that to do so would be to let go of certain things. Also, reading about all these people living out passionate lives chasing their dreams and doing incredible things has fueled enough courage in me to take a chance on my ambitions and take that leap of faith.

2014 GIFs Jeca Martinez

2014 GIFs: A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, A Girl Worth Fighting For, Sassy CatTippy Toes, Dear Mother Nature, Sketch and Scratch, Happy Holidays, and Happy Halloween

Which is why for 2015 I’ve decided to allow myself the time to do what I need to do. I’ve resigned from my day job so I can focus on my art; I’m eyeing some online courses that I believe would help me build a portfolio strong enough to get me in an animation school because I honestly just want to learn and be better. Aside from that I want to get to work on my running list of career goals and project ideas.

2014 eCards Jeca Martinez

I’m grateful for everything that has happened in 2014 and for the people I’ve shared it with. I’m also definitely uncertain about where all this–idealism?– could take me in 2015. God forbid that I could look back on this post one day and realize that none of the things I’ve hoped for has happened! One thing’s for sure though is that I’ll always be glad I took the chance anyway! And what perfect time than now when I don’t have as much responsibilities, right?

And with that here’s to another great year ahead of us! Happy new year everyone!

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