10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Creatives

10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Creatives

10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Creatives

Stuck on what to get that artistic friend or relative of yours? Well search no more because in this blog post I’ll be sharing with you a humongous list of things that the artsy-fartsy-creative people in your lives are sure to love (I know I would!)

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored, but there are affiliate links that you can buy from at no extra cost to you.

1) External Hard Drives ($50+ / PhP 3,000+)

Don’t we all hate it when we lose work and have to start over? Give your loved ones the gift of time…time saved from recovering lost files, that is, with an external hard drive!

My personal recommendation is the Toshiba External Hard Drive…I have 4 of these sturdy little bad boys and they always got my back.

Are external hard drives out of your budget? You can opt for a more affordable flash drive instead! Just find a design that’s cute and suitable for the recipient. Or if you have photographer/blogger/vlogger friends, you can get them a memory card. These gifts are bound to be useful even for non-artists.

1. Toshiba Canvio Basics external hard drive 1TB $54.99
2. Unicorn Flash Drive 16GB $9.99
3. Sandisk Micro SD Card 32GB $11.75
4. Parrot Flash Drive 16GB $8.84
5. Pig Flash Drive 16GB $9.05
6. Ice Cream Flash Drive 16GB $9.29
7. Burger Flash Drive 8GB $10.98
8. Sandisk Memory Card 32GB $10.99

2) Wacom tablet ($70-500+ / PhP 4,000-28,000+)

Maybe you know someone who is a budding artist/designer? Wacom has a line of affordable Intuos tablets that come with free programs to help them get started on their own artventures!

Or if you’re extra generous, go spoil them with a Wacom Intuos Pro! It comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. I’m very happy with my medium one, but your recipient might be just as happy with a small or a large tablet. 

1. Wacom Intuos Pro (Medium) $289
2. Wacom Intuos Draw $79.50 | Intuos Art (Small) $86.99 | Intuos Comic (Small) $99.95 |
Intuos Photo (Small) $89 | Intuos 3D (Medium) $199.95

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3) Skillshare gift vouchers ($35 / $60 / $96)

Every creative, no matter at what stage they are in their career, know that they need to constantly learn new things to improve their craft. Skillshare is a perfect place for that.

Skillshare is an online platform where you can watch as many online classes as you want in a variety of topics (animation, illustration, design, watercolor, calligraphy, cooking, art business, lifestyle…the sky’s the limit!).

Skillshare is subscription-based, and you can start with a free account to avail of free classes, or go premium for either $12 paid monthly, or $96 paid annually to access all the classes.

The great thing about Skillshare is that the subscription can be given as gift vouchers. There’s $36 for 3 months, $60 for 6 months, and $96 for 12 months! This is definitely THE gift that keeps on giving.

4) Fonts, brushes, and other design resources ($20-$100)

Websites such as Creative Market and Design Cuts are a haven for design resources.

Maybe you know someone who is having a wedding/party and need some invites? Or maybe your officemate loves to collect fonts? Or perhaps your cousin just got started with Photoshop and need some design elements to play with? 

With a Creative Market gift card, they can download any font, design template, texture, stock photo and illustration they want. Choose from $20, $50, and $100 gift card options.

If you’d like something a bit more curated, Design Cuts might be for you.

They release bundles of the very best hand-picked fonts, vectors, templates, brushes, and more that are worth thousands of dollar in value, but at Design Cuts you can get them at 99% off for only $29!

Their gift voucher comes in a $29 option and can be redeemed for any current and future bundles. Plus, your recipient gets a personalized message/video on how they can redeem their bundle! How awesome is that?

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5) Amazon gift card ($5+)

Who doesn’t love gift cards? It’s the freedom to choose whatever gift you want! Maybe they want something that can’t be found elsewhere? Amazon might have you covered!

Amazon gift cards are completely customizable…the physical cards can come in a beautifully designed box or envelope, and there are numerous options for the design of the card itself. Choose from a static design, upload your own photo, or get one that’s animated!

There are also options to have the card gift card shipped, printed at home, or sent by email. They can also come in any amount you’d like, depending on the type of card you’re sending.

6) Cute office supplies ($5+ / PhP100+)

1. White owl pen holder ($6.99 from Target, Similar one from Amazon for $8.99)
2. Styno colored pens (PhP150 from SM Department Store)
3. Ban.do “I Am Very Busy” 17-month 2017 planner ($20 from Amazon, PhP 1699 from Powerbooks)
4. Gold Eiffel Tower scissors ($4.99 from Amazon, PhP 200-250 at local online shops)
5. “Inspire Someone Today” notebook (PhP 149.75 from SM Department Store)
6. Logitech m235 Wireless mouse ($34.95 from Amazon (different color), PhP 799 from Abensons)
7. Pink pen holder (PhP 59 from National Bookstore. Similar one from Amazon for $1.80)
8. Artline gold metallic marker (PhP 79 from National Bookstore)

This is an easy and useful gift option. To make it more thoughtful, some things you can consider are: the recipient’s favorite color, their favorite animal, their favorite place (for example if they’re into Paris, maybe you can find French-themed office supplies), their favorite cartoon/movie characters, or maybe there’s a quote or word that’s appropriate for the current stage of their lives.

1. Cat screen hook $10.00
2. U Brands copper pen cup $7.99
3. Rifle Paper Co weekly deskpad $12.12
4. Zoo Animals Eraser Set $5.99
5. Rifle Paper Co desk calendar $19 
6. Unicorn Dreams notebook $20
7. C.R. Gibson file folders $8.90
8. Unicorn Crossing tin sign $8.70
9. Storage basket $15.99
10. Ban.do “But First Coffee” thermal mug $14
11. Animal paper clips $7.78
12. Octopus ceramic mug $25.84
13. “This Is Your Life” motivational poster $7
14. Ban.do “I Am Very Busy” 17-month 2017 planner $20
15. Moon mousepad $5.58
16. Cat Post-It holder $7.61
17. Pink mesh desk organizer $13.99

7) Prints and merchandise by their favorite artist ($10+ / PhP100+)

1. Art prints (the ones in the picture are printed at my local printing shop, but these are also available in my
Redbubble and Society6 shops)
2. Baby Mermaids stickers (Small) $4.22
3. Unicorn Dreams stickers (Small) $4.22
4. Toucan Paradise stickers (Small) $4.22

Is your friend a fan of a particular artist? See if that artist sells their work online and pick up a print or shirt from them! Or it doesn’t even have to be a particular artist…just see what your recipient is into (Cats? Owls? Dogs? Succulents?) and there’s bound to be a ton of awesome designs in sites like Redbubble and Society6.

Sure it might be a bit pricier than mass-produced prints, shirts, mugs, etc., but that’s the thing…these aren’t mass produced, and it’s a great way to support independent artists!

Some artists even offer their designs as digital downloads, so if you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can purchase printables from sites like Etsy and Creative Market, and then have it printed in your local printing shop.

Not sure what they might like? Don’t worry…Redbubble and Society6 have gift vouchers too!

8) An “Art of” book ($25+ / PhP 1,500)

1. Harry Potter: Film Wizardry $30.73
2. The Art of Tangled $27.22
3. The Art of Wreck-It Ralph $28.49

Does your friend love a particular movie? Check if there’s an “art of” book for it! (and make sure your recipient doesn’t already have that book LOL).

Studios usually publish an “art of” book for their movies wherein they share early sketches and concepts behind the making of the film. Your gift recipient will be sure to find books like these interesting, and it may even inspire their next work!

1. The Art of Inside Out $29.04
2. Harry Potter: The Creature Vault $26.01
3. The Art of How To Train Your Dragon $31.79
4. The Art of Moana $25.47
5. My Little Pony: The Art of Equestria $16.46
6. The Little Prince: The Art of the Film $22.99
7. The Art of the Film: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them $36.53
8. The Art of Zootopia $26.31

9) Art supplies ($5+ / PhP 100+)

1. Picadilly Inc “Sketch” sketchbook $6.28
2. Sakura Koi water brush $5.02
3. Tyno Color Marker PhP 149.75 from SM Department Store
4. Berkeley brush (the one with the black handle) PhP 112.50 from National Bookstore
5. The Animator’s Survival Kit $24.18
6. Creative Doodling and Beyond: Doodle Book and Kit $15.32
7. Pebeo Watercolors PhP 239.75 from National Bookstore

Pick up a beautifully-designed sketchbook, some art supplies that they love or you think they’d like to try (watercolor sets, calligraphy pens, brush pens, etc). And maybe toss in a tutorial book that would suit those art supplies (How to do calligraphy, watercolor for beginners, step-by-step illustration books, etc). Essentially you’re building a fun little art kit that they can play around with or use for work!

These are great because it’s completely customizable to your recipient’s interests, and your budget!

1. Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay $8.37
2. Animation Lab for Kids book $16.56
3. Faber-Castell 48 colored pencils $17.60
4. Strathmore Sketchbook $8.72
5. Sakura Koi travel watercolor set $20.97
6. Tombow dual brush pens $17.67
7. The Daily Sketch Journal $11.93
8. Hue Animation Studio (stop-motion animation kit) $59.95
9. “Animation 1: Learn to Animate Cartoons” book $8.51
10. “Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way” book $14.65

10) Products sold by your friends and family

Take a moment to look around your circle of friends and family. Maybe someone is selling handmade necklaces? Or stickers? Or sweets? Why not support their business and get your Christmas gift from them?

You can also check out if your local NGOs or charity shops are selling merchandise to raise funds for a cause that your recipient supports.

Shameless plug: my mom just started a small business called The Polvoron Experience, and she’s selling uniquely flavored polvoron (a type of Filipino sweet). Check out her Facebook page here!

And there you have it! 10 gift ideas that have a bit more thought behind it. Do you have other awesome gift ideas that you’d like to give or receive? Share it in the comments below!

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